Bin stealing war goes to new levels as Rolleston tormented by endless alarm

I can hear the sirens coming

A group of hapless girls were tormented through the night when their neighbours’ alarm would not stop.

Residents of Lenton were outraged by a persistent siren coming from 28 Rolleston Drive at around 9:30 pm on Tuesday night.

It is believed the alarm may have been intentionally set off as revenge for a recycling bin theft.

rolleston looking sad

rolleston alarm

some took it less seriously than others

A piercing high pitched screech, louder than the usual late night shrieks from student houses, could be heard around the street for well over an hour.

The infamous Buy/Sell Notts Facebook page became embroiled in the scandal, with the original post attracting over a hundred likes and numerous comments.

But luckily the girls were saved when hero Gareth came and turned it off, complete with fetching head torch.

The situation was so intense that demands were made for the inhabitants of 28 to pay for hotels for the whole of Rolleston amid rumours the alarm was set off in retaliation to bin stealing.

Neighbour Sarah said: “Take your bin! I want my sanity!”

Disgruntled Rolleston resident Matt said: “The whole experience was unbearable, worse than a sober night at Oceana, in fact a drunken night as well for that matter.”


luckily, hero gareth was on hand

The residents of Rolleston are no strangers to a Buy/Sell tickets comment fest, as the love came flooding in for the street’s missing kitten Rolley in November.

University halls have tried to adequately prepare students for such a crisis, with constant fire alarm drills at obscene hours throughout the year.