‘I will not stop until you see justice’: Hoe’s throne challenged

If you come at the King, you better not miss

Andy Hoe has called out another idiotic drunkard in his now famous Dickhead of the Week post.

This week’s post shows one belligerent bell-end – rumoured to be from Loughborough – challenging the King of the Ocean himself, swearing he “will not fucking stop” until he sees justice for an alleged “strangling”.

If you’re going to strut into enemy territory, at least show some respect. And learn how to put your clothes on.

ocean dick

Nice scarf mate

Hoe detailed how he kicked out the pissed-off punter during the “Erection section” of his set.

“Everybody knows the Erection Section is a time for loving not fighting, so I pulled him over to the side of the DJ box and explained that he was breaking this cardinal rule and that if he didn’t pack it in I’d chuck him out.”

The dancing dickhead appears to have been swiftly and strongly escorted from the premises.

Andy naturally considered this the end of the matter and went back to playing his poptastic ballads to the baying crowd of Nottingham students who actually had a right to be there.

the very steps where the altercation ocurred

The very steps where the altercation ocurred

After closing time, as the satisfied customers made their way out, Lord Hoe encountered the very same gentleman harassing staff by the bottle bins.

ocean dick2

He doesn’t even know what month it is

Upon confrontation, the husky-voiced interloper attempted to argue with the Ocean boss – he wasn’t very successful.

The aggressive arsehole confronted Hoe on a range of topics and hurled some truly horrendous ageist chat towards the 42-year-old.

If you’re going to challenge the King in his kingdom, you should at least make sure you attend one of this city’s academic institutions.

oceandick 3

“It’s the 15th of the December”

Do you know the arsehole in question?

Think there’s another side to the story?

Is this challenger the first of many to come?

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