Stalkergate: Another fresher hassled by hooded weirdo as she lay sleeping

Who said chivalry was dead?

A creepy stalker laid love notes and chocolates on the window of their one true romance – meaning she couldn’t sleep alone for the rest of the year. 

Steph Pearson’s room in Broadgate Park was laid siege to by wave after wave of flowers, chocolates and cryptic poems.

They also made a picture of a house on fire, titled ‘days when I see you with your boyfriend’.

The Nottingham girl said: “I didn’t sleep alone for a month. I had to sleep with my flatmates and had my boyfriend over on weekends.”

Steph’s torment started in Easter last year.


Steph (left) and someone who is not the stalker (right)

The medic – who is now in her second year – first noticed she had a secret admirer when a lone tulip was left on her window with a post-it note.

She said: “It started in the Easter holidays. I’d come back to do some work and no one was in – just international students.

“I woke up at 4am to a bang on my window but I went back to sleep. The next day, I went outside in my pyjamas and found the post-it note and a yellow flower. It said: ‘Just letting you know you are beautiful x’.”

In a series of creepy incidents, Steph’s stalker would place gifts and messages through her window when she wasn’t at home.


She said: “I went to the gym about three weeks after the flower and post-it note. I left at 9am and got back at 11am.

“I found a bunch of daisies with a ribbon round them pushed through my window.

“I just thought it was my flatmates messing around.

“Then I found an envelope with a poem inside on my windowsill in the rain. It was called I like for you to be still.

“I don’t know if it’s a love poem or a ‘I want you to be dead’ poem.

“I went to security who said there was no camera on my window. It’s right on a main path on the ground floor, where people walk through to the entrance. Security didn’t take me seriously.”

An excerpt from the poem

An excerpt from the poem

Steph was convinced it was her friends playing a joke. But when the stalker left her some Thorntons chocolates, she realised her follower didn’t know her.

“Another night I found some thorntons chocolate. They obviously didn’t know me. I’m lactose intolerant.

“At least my flatmates enjoyed them.

“I didn’t sleep alone for a month. I had to sleep with my flatmates and had my boyfriend over on weekends.”

At this point, Steph resorted to sleeping in her flatmates rooms and making sure her boyfriend was with her on weekends.

The infatuated weirdo didn’t stop though.


Steph during freshers’ week

Steph added: “The weirdest incident was when I got home a 6am after a night out. I opened my window and there was a massive envelope. On it was written ‘the last one’. It was the last day of term as well.

“There was a DVD, more chocolates and a printed booklet full of memes. There were happy memes entitled ‘days when I see you’, crying ones for ‘days when I don’t’.

“Then finally there was one called ‘days when I see you with your boyfriend’. It was just a picture of a house on fire.

“There were loads of pictures of couples running through fields together. The DVD was a french film about a woman who unintentionally seduces a man on the train.

“I called the police straight away at 6am. They took away the stuff that had been left that morning which I kind of regret now.

“The fact that he/she knew when I left the flat and when I came back got me really creeped out.

“I got drunk one night and thought I saw someone outside my window and it hit us how actually this wasn’t a normal fresher experience.”

Steph with her block - none of whom could figure out who the creep was

Steph with her block – none of whom could figure out who the creep was

Police analysed CCTV footage but could not identify a hooded man who approached her window with a large package.

“They left a notice on my window saying that I was being harassed and to warn off whoever was leaving me this stuff.

“They had no idea who it was. They checked the cameras. At 4am some naked guys ran past. A person in a black hoodie posted something through my window but no one could tell who it was.

“They said it was probably just some harmless guy with a crush on me, at which point I rubbed the creepy poem in their faces and shouted a lot.”

Steph has not encountered her stalker this year and is settling back to normal.