Psycho’s Poker Party

The Tab went down to Mooch to meet the man behind the nickname

On Monday, the legendary and famously mad Stuart Pearce took a visit to the equally famous Mooch.

The event promised football fanatics, star-struck Forest fans and those who just liked taking photos a big day out.

The reality: plenty of annoying, semi-important people getting in the way. Whilst fans eagerly waited, it soon became apparent that the focus was primarily upon the promotion of

chris galdem

The hopes and dreams of everyone, seemed to be shattered as he sat for what seemed like endless hours, fiddling with a bunch of plastic chips. However such a delay came with certain “distractions”, namely a £10 welcome offer when signing up with these two lovely ladies.

Intrepid reporter Brad with the "distractions"

Intrepid reporter Brad with the “distractions”

Within the queue people were becoming delirious, a rabble of over-enthusiastic Forest fans brought along their shirts, scarfs, tickets, programmes, kitchen sinks, and mother’s underwear to be signed.

Things nearly turned heated when the group spotted two lads who had Forest shirts with their tags still in them. The definition of plastic fans. stupearepoker

Eventually after what seemed like hours of nothingness, Pearcey’s moment had arrived.

With a steely glare and a ‘I don’t want to be here demeanour’ things were looking very pessimistic. Had we all just waited over 2 hours to speak to a man who could strike fear into the heart of Shaun Ryder with one quick glance?

chris psycho

Stu showed us how much he loves The Tab

It was all a  façade. the man was a genius, very approachable and full of love.

It was a pleasure meeting the man they call Psycho and it’s perhaps fitting to now give him a more suitable nickname/title: Pearcey.

The personification of putting-a-hard-man-front-on-for-the-media-and-fans-when-in-actual-fact-you’re-a-lovely-guy-who-is-just-sick-of-the-attention-from-your-sponsors.

Definitely a better reflection of “Psycho’s” true character.