Notts strip club Flirtz with feminists

Feminists fail in attempt to close local titty tavern

Furious feminists have failed in their bid to stop strip club Flirtz from staying open.

The group, Feminist Friends, were unsuccessful in their objections against the renewal of a sexual entertainment licence for the lap dancing club.

UoN Feminists have also criticised the decision by the council

UoN Feminists have also spoken out on the decision by the council

Last Monday, much to the delight of co-owner Phil Tomson, the club was granted another 12 months of business by Nottingham City Council.

18 months ago, council big-wigs backed out of their attempt to close all sex shops and strip clubs in the city centre. This latest failure to curb the arousing antics at Flirtz is another nail in the coffin to those trying to stop it.

Seona Deuchar, Communications officer for UoN feminists, said: “As a group we will always support decisions that facilitate women making their own empowered decisions, as long as those decisions do not oppress others.”

The site of the controversial booby bar

The site of the controversial booby bar


A picture of the nudey nightclub in question- courtesy of the Nottingham Post

The Feminist friends, who objected to the decision on moral grounds, sent an empassioned letter to the Nottingham Post, after being disappointed by the decision.

They said: “We are a sophisticated and modern city with top-class universities, amazing musicians, music venues, many great tourist attractions and have a lot more to offer than lap-dancing clubs.

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Flirtz has branches in Nottingham and Skegness

“We feel the council should be doing everything it can to discourage the sexual objectification of women”, wrote Michelle Stubley of Feminist Friends, Nottingham.