It’s a hoax: Broadgate Park scratcher who snuck into people’s rooms and watched them sleep is one big lie

The mysterious Broadgate Scratcher’s reign has finally come to an end

The horrifying fiend known as the Broadgate Park scratcher is nothing more than a hoax.

An alleged creeper, nicknamed the scratcher, has been horrifying freshers.

The intruder has been rumoured to enter girls’ rooms and watch them while they lay sleeping.

scratcher 2

The scratcher would then leave the unsuspecting freshers to wake up to scratches on their arms – sometimes even tearing up their clothes and leaving marks on their doorframes.

At first, however, many people were not aware that this was definitely a hoax and several girls got worried and frankly quiet disturbed by the rumours that went around Broadgate.

Isabella and her flatmates, who are all girls, read on the Facebook Page that some girl posted that she had been scratched by someone while in her sleep.

Isabella said: “Being an all-girl flat on the first floor we got quiet scared to hear things like this.”

Several other then also commented that they too were scratched in their sleep – adding fuel to the fire.

But now it has emerged the scratcher is a hoax, with first years trying to one up each other by claiming they have been victim to the prankster.

a recreation of what the scratches looked like

a recreation of what the scratches looked like

Rumours went around that when police cars came to Broadgate, it was for the investigation of the scratcher.

Isabella said: “We saw several police cars around BGP and people started saying that they were here to investigate the scratcher.”

Since the rumour began a few weeks ago, some freshers posted on the Broadgate Park Facebook page, claiming to have had encounters with the scratcher.

Some even admitted to being the creepy intruder.

could these be the scratcher's steps?

could these be the scratcher’s steps?

But it can now be revealed the majority of posts were a hoax as several people had their profiles hijacked by flatmates.

According to Jackie Ghahremani, a lot of people joined in the hype. She said: “Everyone started piping up, like it had happened to them too.”

Megan Akodu claimed the scratcher had torn up her jeans and that the pervy culprit owed her new ones.

Ripped Trouser Picture (1)

James posted promising a confession statement by 5pm the next day.

He said: “I shall be making a confession statement regarding all of these BGP scratcher statements. I would just like to out an end to it.

“Please my fellow BGPers, don’t judge me before you here (sic) the full story. It has been a long road for me and my issue.”

Speaking to James, he revealed: “It wasn’t even me who posted it.”

But flatmates Carlos and Jack revealed they had hijacked James’ profile and posted on his behalf.

Carlos said: “When playing rugby, players would always come off covered and scratches after playing against James.”