Chundergraduates costing Notts £55 million a year

Experts are blaming us surprisingly

Rowdy boozers cost health services millions of pounds in Nottingham.

Having recently shaken off the reputation of a gunners paradise, the infamous jäger pint has taken the place of the bullet in the heart of Nottingham.

Alcohol related incidents in Nottingham cost a a staggering £55 million in 2013 – and experts are blaming the student population for the damage.

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Too much jager pixelates your face

It looks like the legend that Robin Hood and his merry men left behind attracts boozed up Brits from long and afar.

Students don’t appear too dis-spirited either. It turns out they actually enjoy drinking alcohol on a daily basis too.

Nick Tegerdine, executive director of the Alcohol Problems Advisory Service and booze boffin, told the Nottingham Post that students cause the most problems.

Second year student Nicole Clarkson apparently couldn’t care less. She said: “We’re students, what do they expect? If I go out, I’m going to get trollied, simples.”


Is this just fun and games, or a truly Sour affair?

Despite increasing drinks prices, schemes like Stoptober and the cost of a dip in the Big O climbing by a whole pound, there appears to be no curb in student boozing.

Getting trollied at Uni still surprisingly remains a popular past time.

Thanks to social services cuts however, the facilities to cater for boozers are no longer available.

So it’s either a night in bed with a bucket, or a ride down to the QMC to be looked after whichever unfortunate health worker finds you first.

With ever increasing cuts to NHS staff, and soaring numbers of Nottingham students performing outrageous drunken antics, is this just the beginning of a torrid time for Nottingham health services?