Uni of Notts 2020 vision for China

The Ningbo campus is going to get bigger

Nottingham University has made plans to expand their Ningbo Campus in China.

The proposed strategy will see the number of student places available rise from 6000 to 8000. The university already caters for over 43,000 students over their 3 campuses, whilst maintaining a standard of education shit loads better than Trent.

The aim of the expansion is to further authenticate Notts’ status as an internationally recognised establishment. Basically more people will know who Robin Hood is.


The Trent wannabe in China

In 2009 the University set out to increase the percentage of international students at Nottingham campus to 28%; a target which they have achieved swiftly. This will increase the £30m which Chinese students spend in Nottingham every year.

Rebecca, 2nd year Management Studies student, told the Tab that “Better facilities in China wouldn’t really sway my decision to study there. If it was clearer that study abroad opportunities were there, I probably would have chosen to.”

Not only does this proposal aim to improve Nottingham’s educational capacity, but targets the increase of enrolment of students from low income and deprived backgrounds.

ningbo bridge

The Ningbo Friendship Bridge- named in honour of Nottingham’s links to China

Professor Nick Miles of the Ningbo Campus told the Nottingham Post: “We also want to extend the amount of research and knowledge transfer work that is done here because that is an important measure of our growth.”

As a student at the University of Nottingham, you can be certain that you are part of a school which is constantly progressing.

Let’s just hope that the new buildings don’t burn down before they’re even finished.