CRISIS photos of the week

It’s back. And it has never been better

New term, same old mega-lads

J-Lo and Iggy have inspired a generation

crisis 37

Having the best of times

crisis 36

Potentially the latest bad-boy duo

crisis 35

A classic

crisis 30

Bit sinister

crisis 32

Is he a giant or getting a piggy back?

crisis 31

Little bit much

crisis 33

Kate and Leo

Dignity? Where are you?

Dignity? Where are you?

crisis 29

11 people in one photo is strong

crisis 25

13 is better

crisis 24

Looks like we’ve got some legends on our hands

crisis 4

You know that creepy smile which dolls do?

crisis 3

“Is that a camera? I better strip off”

crisis 9

“Is that a camera? I better strip off” – part two

crisis 23

And part three

crisis 6

Bringing the pout back

crisis 7

Bringing the point-and-pout back

crisis 10

Exceptional hair, carefree smile. Early contender for this week’s winner

crisis 8

Is the ‘shhh’ pose a thing again?

crisis 12


crisis 11

He’s watching you…

crisis 13

There’s always one

crisis 14

Blur in the background must have been jumping to get in the shot. Cute

crisis 15

Fantastic mix of expressions

crisis 16

Looking cheery

crisis 18

Freshers’ Week really is the best week of your life

crisis 22

Quite worrying that you can’t see exactly what’s going on

crisis 20

Cool abs bro I bet you’ve never shown them off before

crisis 21

So much fear on the blokes’ faces

crisis 38


crisis 1

Tiny people can have fun too