The Complete Sunglasses Guide

As the sun slowly starts making its appearance, you should start getting ready to sunbathe in style. The Tab’s got your guide to the best sunglass styles around.

It’s time to whip out last summer’s sunnies as this season’s ongoing trend is back.

Like shoes, you can never have too many sunglasses. It’s an accessory that can make or break your entire look, so choose wisely!

The Waterbugs

They may cover half you face making them perfect for hiding a hangover – but also a perfect style statement.

While less may be more, in this case bigger is better.

Find a shape that fits your face shape and rock the waterbugs as the main accessory of your look.


The Classic Sunnies

The aviators. If you haven’t ever owned or worn a pair you are lying.

It seems that they have been around forever, and they’re not going anywhere.

Careful when wearing aviators: this style doesn’t fit everyone – you could end up looking more rock than rockstar.


The Not-Your-Usual Sunnies

These sunglasses are characterized by that “something different” feature that they have.

A different frame or style, in either a subtle or completely “in your face” way.

Stand out from the crowd with a fancy frame or detailed lense.


The Feline Sunnies

These sunnies automatically add a feminine touch to your look.

They make a bold statement so wear them to complete a simple outfit – be careful not to overdo the accessories.


The Mirrored Sunnies

You somehow always manage to look oddly disproportioned when seeing yourself is someones mirrored sunnies, but you still love being the one wearing them.

Play around with a wide range of mirror colours to recreate any look.

The perfect summer accessory.


The Vintage Sunnies

Whether you found them while going through your grandparents stuff, or picked them up at a vintage shop, a pair of retro sunnies is a must.


The Non-Sunnies

Living with the curse of bad eyesight?

If you are a glasses wearer you have felt the struggle of the harsh sun against your poor eyes which only can result in an unattractive squint.

Try and use this to your advantage by rocking some specs that overlook the coolest of shades.