UoN takes in Siemen

Notts partners with engineering giant

The University of Nottingham this week announced its new partnership with controversial engineering firm, Siemens.

To celebrate this union, a technology day was held to help foster the relationship between Siemen and academics, with Michael Carr, Director of Business Engagement and Innovation Services calling it “the start of a successful, long term partnership.”

However, the pairing is not without its controversy. Second Year Engineering student Matt told the Tab: “I feel like I could get shafted by other employers if my Uni has too much contact with Siemen.”

The German tech firm has been sprayed with its fair share of controversy

The German tech firm has been sprayed with its fair share of scandal

Siemens’ reputation is far from squeaky clean, having been ordered to pay fines of over a billion dollars in 2008 for bribery in contracts for the erection of natural gas turbines.

The German tech giant has also been accused of bribing Greek politicians, as well as having historic links with the Iranian regime and the Nazi Party.

However, Siemens has promised to help fund new research as well as offering industry placements, so students can get a handle on key employability skills.

It remains to be seen whether Siemens’ contributions can outweigh its sticky past; but here at The Tab we believe they should have filled the hole with a far less controversial Seaman:

Big dave would've made a welcome addition to UoN's academic lineup

Big Dave would’ve made a welcome addition to UoN’s academic lineup

What do you think? Has Uon cocked up? Is there too much Siemen on campus already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.