Campus Trends: The worst of the worst

This past week the Tab Fashion went through the trouble of sifting through the worst campus trends…

On any given day a quick walk around campus will expose you to a wealth of popular student fashion trends. BUT – the majority of them probably aren’t stylish. 

Students are usually fashion conscious but financially pressed.

Therefore, care must be taken to divert the little funds we DO have away from some awful campus trends.

Abercrombie and Hollister

In 2007 Hollister and Abercrombie really took off. Unfortunately for many investors it swiftly landed at the beginning of 2009.

This therefore begs the question – why are we still haunted by the seagull and moose icons adopted by these pre-pubescent brands?

If you’re at University the likelihood is you’re north of 14 years old – perhaps it’s time to get over your matching tracksuit.


Onesies outside

The comfort of a onesie is undeniable; however, the style is.

Whatever happened to wearing more than a single item of clothing?

The pure impracticality of going to the toilet should be deterrent enough, yet we are still witnessing countless adult-sized baby-grows roaming around campus looking…well… seriously stupid.


Fake glasses

We often look back in horror at pictures of ourselves wearing magnetic earrings, unnaturally coloured hair extensions and cheap spray on tan.  The common denominator here – they were all big pretenders.

Surely we’re treading down the same path with people wearing fake glasses?

They are both impractical and pretentious and they don’t make you look clever. So if you don’t have a prescription, embrace your perfect vision.


Fake shoe brands

Times can be financially tight as a student, but the place to skimp is not your shoes. This not only compromises the quality of your foot wear, but also the success of your outfits.

Vans made the plimsole successful, Primark did not. Many companies ride on the coattails of high quality shoe makers; don’t confuse this with the real thing.

Stick to the real deal

Flip flops

In the face of adverse weather there’s always someone who accompanies their outfit with flip flops – a clear display of manliness.

Here at The Tab we see through this facade.  We see your brisk walks home as you regret your underdressed state. We see the discomfort in your face as you accidentally step in puddles…

As such, we present you with the following foolproof rule: if you’ve got a jacket on, give the flip flops a miss.