Sun sets on Page 3 in SU

UoN Feminists successfully pass motion banning Page 3 on Campus

A motion banning the sale of The Sun and The Daily Star has successfully passed the SU council after being backed by UoN Feminists.

In a nearly unanimous 15-3 vote, the SU council this evening voted to ban publications containing the Page 3 feature.

The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign is a nationwide effort to force publications such as The Sun to remove images of topless women from their papers.

Third year English student Hannah Rought said: “I think it’s great news. Hopefully The Sun editor David Dinsmore is taking notice of the views of young people across the country.”

The campaign aims are not universally accepted, however, with some saying a ban would represent unnecessary censorship. Second year CompSci student Joe told the Tab: “I think it’s outrageous that a paper is being banned to appease a tiny minority of students.”


There has been a mixed reaction to the decision

There has been a mixed reaction to the decision

UoN Feminists have taken to twitter to celebrate their victory as Nottingham becomes the 34th University to ban boobs.