Can you make it to Berlin without any money?

Red Bull challenges students to get all the way to Germany using cans of energy drink and no money

Late-night driving and vodka-mixing specialists Red Bull have offered Nottingham students a chance to enter their race to Berlin – using only cans of Red Bull.

Bored of expending all your adventurous energy on grinding on the Crisis dancefloor until 3am? Want something a bit more challenging than starting your coursework three hours before the deadline?


Well, the energy drink company are on the lookout for teams who are “adventurous and daring, have an up-for-anything attitude, and can rely on charm, wit and quick-thinking abilities when faced with a challenge,” so this could be the perfect platform to exhibit your BNOC credentials and show just how much of a chat-merchant you really are.

Each team has a week to make it to Berlin using only Red Bull as currency, so they can swap their cans for tickets, lifts, baseball caps, sexual favours or whatever they want, as long as they make it into Germany.

There will be a Can You Make It? mobile app during the journey to log every can transaction, check into locations as much as possible and post photos, videos and updates to the website.

Apply here: