Loco for Logos

Edvina Gulzari investigates the latest trend of loud and proud logo tops and how to make them work for you.

A highlighted trend has hit the runways as designers such as Louis Vuitton, DKNY and Dior decided that clothes should speak for themselves.

The result was a series of looks with words and logos taking the main stage, and they look amazing!

But let’s get back to reality:

We can’t exactly get our hands on one of these designer looks, so The Tab decided to finds a wallet-friendly way to buy and style your very own logo top.

Cheeky logos

These logos have made there mark and have been worn even by celebrities all over the world.

With the change of Yves Saint Laurent’s new creative director and the house name change, YSL fashion lovers decided to take a stance with this new logo top.

When it comes to styling the cheeky words, you should keep it simple and let the logo speak for itself. Wear this ‘Ain’t Laurent without Yves’ sweatshirt with simple jeans or leggings and you are ready to rock the streets.


Buy this top online from ASOS or Amazon.

Another take on a designer name is this beanie, which tweaks the widely known Hermes name.

Wear it with plain and simple sweatshirts or t-shirts.


 Simple and colorful sweatshirts

These sweatshirts from Cow Vintage in Nottingham City Centre follow the logo trend, with the plus of being extremely comfy.

Since they are oversized, they look better styled with something tight fitting on the bottom half.  We recommend leggings or jeans and a pair of sneakers.


Spice up dull winter looks by trying a logo sweatshirt in crazy colors instead.


Cropped Logo Sweatshirt

Even logo tops can be cropped.

Cropped sweatshirts and t-shirts are never going to be out of style. We can always count on them to be trendy and fashionable.

QUICK TIP: If you don’t want a blue belly try wearing them with high waisted jeans.


Skull Logos

Another trend which has been around for months now is the skull print.

You can be sure that purchasing a skull logo will keep you looking edgy and fabulous.


To add some femininity to the hardcore skull logo, why not style your it with a skirt?

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