How to: dress for graduate interviews

Grad interviews can be scary, but the right outfit can give that all needed confidence boost right when you need it most.

Like everything in life, the joy of experiencing an ongoing seven-day-weekend is fleeting –  even your time at University meets its end.

If you’ve done  it right (achieving anything with a 1 in it) then you’ll be in need of some smart wear as you involve yourself in the tedious business of graduate interviews.

The Tab’s here to help. We provide you with some sharp sartorial tips to help disguise your lazy, work-shy nature for that hour or so of first impression importance.

Not proficient in the ironing of shirts? Not a problem (…you’re soon to graduate – it is a slight problem). A slim fitting v-neck jumper will do much to hide your embarrassing secret.


If you’re insistent on carrying your notepad of lies relating to how passionate you are about the given industry of your choice, always opt for a messenger bag.

There’s something about a rucksack that says ‘I’m very much not ready to graduate, Masters anyone?’


A belt is by no means mandatory, but if you do employ one, ensure it matches with the colour of your shoes.


The likelihood is your early morning interview commute will be a cold one. As such, you’ll probably be needing a coat.

A pea coat is a smart option; they’re warm and formal – the best of both worlds.


If you can’t button your blazer, it’s simply not your blazer–it belongs to a man a size or so down from yourself. You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned suit jacket.

Be sure to unfasten the button of your blazer before sitting down as to remove the risk of ruining it.


Never you mind what your girlfriend said: size – or rather length – means everything.

If your trouser legs are too long you run the risk of looking like a victim of the “you’ll grow into it” lie told by many a parent.

Too short, and you’ll look financially pressed.


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