Notts in GIFs: Varsity Darts

It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for. VARSITY DARTS! The ‘sport’ of fatties, dorks and wasted students everywhere.

Tomorrow, the biggest, baddest event on the Varsity calender is back


Not American football…


Not Ice-Hockey round 2…

polar bear



The sorriest excuse for a sport that ever did live

my body

There will be sweat, blood and tears – in that order.

strategic hot mess

And poor people throwing drinks everywhere

breaking bad

So bring a napkin, because we are probably about to get served like the tragic rugby on Friday

please make it stop

The best chants will be making an epic return

you smell funny

But hopefully the streaker won’t be…


You know it, we know it. It’s the best non-sport in the world. DARTS! DARTS! DARTS!

zac efron