The Hairy-Men’s Last Stand: Movember, Episode 4

The Tab pits three close friends against each other in the race for male dominance and facial extravagance. Hold onto your handlebars, it’s Episode 4.

Four weeks and three friends. All have dreamed of greatness and all have broken rules to get there; gravity, physical limitations and morals. They have come together for one final fuzzy face-off as the sun goes down on Movember. Let’s get ‘em into the bear pit…

Final Weigh In – The Transformation:


Before and after

The ‘Stocking Filler’



The 'Myspace

The ‘Myspace #nomakeup’




The ‘Women Still Won’t Have Sex With Me’

Alright, so they’re not scaling The Gherkin or being subjected to coffee with Janet Street Porter for charity, but they are still doing it for a good cause. Help ‘em out: