Campus Style: Derby Hall

This week Campus Style heads to more halls, this time heading to Derby Hall to spot the most fashionable lunch go-ers.

Characterised by financial irresponsibility, lazy days and crazier nights, freshers year is one to look back on with the fondest of memories.

Equipped with knowledge on the lazy day phenomenon, this week The Tab fashion team took to Derby Halls to get some shots of the stylish lunchtime slackers.

Were you spotted?

Katie is rocking the vintage trend in her dad’s denim jacket. She kept the rest of the look sporty perfectly combining the two trends.


Katie Mandal, 1st Year History, Dad’s Vintage Denim Jacket

Callum’s Jack Wills checkered shirt was a favourite of ours. In a colour mix of red, green and yellow it compliments his black skinny jeans perfectly. He finishes off the outfit with some comfy running shoes to ease the pain of long walks to and from lectures.


Callum Melluish, 1st Year French, Spanish, and Business, Trainers from Schuh

Freya’s colour palette is perfect for this Fall weather. The tones against her blonde hair is what makes this outfit stand out.


Freya Cassia, 1st Year English

In these air maxes and slim jeans, Jacob achieves a casual lunch look with great ease. The outfit is made weather appropriate with the inclusion of some knitwear, and topped off with this trendy waxed Barbour jacket.


Jacob Brownlow, 1st Year Economics, Barbour Jacket

The sporty trend seemed to be a hit in Derby Hall, as Kelly is wearing a fabulous oversized sweater combined with leggings and trainers. The result is nothing less that fashionable.


Kelly marks, 1st Year Art History, Longchamp Bag

Liam employs various shades of blue in his outfit; from the jeans to the checkered shirt, everything fits together rather nicely. He dons a pair of leather desert boots, and wraps up with this Ralph Lauren jacket to defend against the adverse weather conditions.


Liam Lewis, 1st Year Economics, Ralph Lauren Jacket

Imogen shows that in some cases, minimalism is key. The thing that makes this casual outfit chic is the animal print on her jacket. Remember, it’s the little things that makes a big difference.


Imogen Smith, 1st Year American studies, ASOS Jacket