Nottingham Playhouse Faces Funding Cuts

On November 5th it was announced that Nottingham Playhouse could lose 100% of its funding.

On November 5th  it was announced that Nottingham Playhouse could lose 100% of its funding from Nottinghamshire County Council as part of the £154 million worth of cuts the council has to make over the next three years.

The Playhouse, which this year celebrated its 50th year, has already faced cuts from the Arts Council.

Nottingham Playhouse, like many regional arts organisations, has already faced funding cuts

Nottingham Playhouse has had its funding cut from the County council 3 times in the past 10 years

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak, Deputy Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “It is located in the City of Nottingham, which is not under the jurisdiction of the County Council. The Playhouse has access to a number of other sources of funding, in addition to income through ticket sales and other activities.”

In 2012/13, 64,920 tickets were purchased by County attendees.

This year alone, The Playhouse has produced world and European premieres whilst also supporting and widening participation within the community of Nottingham.

The European première of The Kite Runner was in May

The European première of The Kite Runner was in May

Students from the University of Nottingham take part in these widening participation projects such as Club Encore and Critics Circle as voluntary leaders, giving them a unique opportunity to work in the Arts environment. The effect the cuts will have on these projects is currently unkown.

Stephanie Sirr, Chief Exec of Nottingham Playhouse, said: “We understand that local authorities are having to make tough decisions. Partnership is even more essential in straightened times. We need County to keep faith in Nottingham Playhouse to ensure we all weather this storm.”

The Sky Mirror- voted Pride of Place, Nottingham's favourite landmark.

The Sky Mirror- voted Pride of Place, Nottingham’s favourite landmark.

Giles Croft, the Artistic Director, said: “There will be consequences and any choice we have to make will be difficult and could significantly effect us and the local communities with which we engage.”

If you don’t want to see the work of The Playhouse affected by the cuts by the county council, you can sign the petition here. The consultation runs until January 14th 2014.