Letting Loose on Nights Out: When Is It Really Time to Stop Drinking?

There are many myths and truths that say when it’s time to stop drinking. But which are a load of codswallop and which are correct in saying that you should just go to bed?

If you’re TWERKING: Carry on


Next time stay away from the Miley impersonations…

So you’ve been listening to Jay-Z’s new album whilst you were getting ready for Crisis and, by the looks of things, Miley Cyrus is your new idol.

Not only is twerking in Black Cherry Lounge great entertainment for everyone nearby, it is also a great way to burn calories. Don’t stop until you’re tripping over your knees and you’ve noticed the flashes of smartphones; that could be embarrassing tomorrow.

If your friends have stopped drinking: Rally the troops

Buy them Jagerbombs

Buy them Jagerbombs

Under no circumstance is this reason to stop. Don’t give into the peer pressure and go get a couple of Jagerbombs, one for you and your designated drinking partner, they will easily be persuaded by one free shot.

You’re head over heels: Take a break

No one wants to wake up with bruises like this...

No one wants to wake up with bruises like this…

If you’ve fallen over more than twice, the floor isn’t actually that slippy – you just can’t remember how to stand. Go take a break at the bar and get some water.

Don’t wear ridiculous shoes unless you want to be the girl complaining all night about her feet hurting, or even worse; waking up with ugly bruises all over your knees.

The 9am is lurking: Forget about it!

Sleep tomorrow...

Sleep tomorrow…

Don’t think about tomorrow, enjoy your night! Chances are that if you’ve decided to go out, deep down you know it’s not going to happen.

Missing the odd lecture here and there really doesn’t hurt, but if you decide to go to the 9am because you happen to forget to turn off your alarm, make the most of your alcohol-fueled confidence by addressing the class with your abstract ideas that loosely relate to the weekly seminar topic.

When the money runs out: Stop

Definitely stop now. No one wants to be that person standing at the bar waiting for someone to buy them a drink out of pity. If you took enough money out and it’s all gone, you’ve probably drank enough.

Never borrow money off your friends. It’s just a disaster.

You’re having an emotional breakdown: Put your drink down


If you feel a breakdown coming on, go home. Choose to stay and all you will receive is depressing drunken advice in the smoking area and lose a bucket of tears in the process.

Either forget about it and move on or go home and have a messy chat with your pillow, but for goodness sake put your drink down.

No one’s around: Share a taxi but not the pizza


Go to bed dreaming of the perfect hangover cure…

You’ve been partying all night and had a whale of a time, only to look around and realise that none of your friends are around. In this situation there is only one thing to do: send a grumpy text to everyone in your contacts before sharing a taxi home with some other students on their way to Lenton.

Don’t let this spoil your night, just think about the half-price pizza with extra pepperoni waiting for you at home. There’s nothing better than being prepared for the drunken munchies. Tuck in!