Lenton’s international man of mystery

Has your house just been bought by a mysterious foreign investor?

A deal was done this week that saw over £5m of student property change hands in the Lenton area.

After nearly 7 months of tense negotiations, representatives for an unknown foreign investor and former owners, N7 properties closed the sale of a lifetime.

Who is the new ruler of this student property empire?

Who is the new ruler of this student property empire?

N7 properties were represented by local estate agent MS properties, based on Lenton Boulevard.

Michael Sahota, who runs the agency said it was four times larger than his previous best sale.

Mr. Sahota was able to confirm that the investor was based overseas, but could not divulge the identity of Mr. Mystery Moneybags.

Could your road be next?

Could your road be next?

The portfolio of properties contains a whopping 99 bedrooms, and representatives for Senor Mysterio, SweetSpot Nottingham have revealed they are planning extensive renovations to bring the properties up to a luxury standard, according the Nottingham Post.

Residents however, were kept in the dark:

“We had no idea what was happening until we got a letter through the door” said one bewildered student.

When told about the nature of the new owners business, one Lenton resident quipped, “We don’t need more luxury houses, this is expensive as it is”.

The first many residents heard of the sale

The first many residents heard of the sale

The rent from the 16 properties that changed hands amounted to over 400k last year, so our overseas friend has netted himself quite the nest egg.

For all those worried that they’ll be turfed out of their houses by some unscrupulous foreigner have no fear. Nick Webb, managing director of SweetSpot, has promised that tenancy agreements for all properties listed below will be honoured.

The Tab can exclusively reveal Mr. Enigma’s properties are as follows:

  • 36, 42, 52 and 92 KimmyB
  • 7, 8 and 42 Balfour road
  • 164 and 195 Harrington drive
  • 5 and 56 Bute
  • 56 Johnson Road
  • 5 Teversal Avenue
  • 72 Cycle Road
  • 28 Grove road
  • 137 Rolleston