Peri Peri Original Gets Red Hot

Chicken shop takes flame-grilled to a whole new level.

One of the city’s many fine fried chicken shops last night got a little bit hotter than usual as a fire started in the basement and spread up into the interior of the shop, according to the Nottingham Post

Fire crews from Nottingham Central Fire station were called to Student favourite Peri Peri Original, Upper Parliament Street, at around 10.40pm. Multiple fire crews were dispatched and the blaze was successfully dealt with.

Fresh from dealing with a victim of Nando’s Extra hot, A fire engine arrives at the scene

A spokesperson for Nottingham Fire and Rescue said that a staff member suffered minor burns to his left arm and was treated on the scene by East Midlands Ambulance service.

Potential suspect?

Nottingham Fire and Rescue are in the process of carrying out an investigation into the causes of the fire. Rogue ghost chilis and nearby Nando’s Cornerhouse have not been eliminated as suspects.

With many fire services advising late night drinkers to ‘Choose Takeaway, Choose Life’ due to the dangers of house fires when drunk, The Tab asks, is there no safe way to get a post-Crisis munch any more?