The Tab takes you through this season’s must-haves…

There are two types of pupil: party animals and bookworms; for the purpose of this article we’ll assume all Nottingham students are the latter. This assessment removes cheap wine and copious amounts of spare change (for cab shares to clubs) from your back-to-school catalogue. However, a lengthy list of must-have items still remain; from woolly hats to shoes, The Tab Fashion works through this year’s must-haves.

A war waged against the winds without a Parka in your wardrobe isn’t one worth fighting – you’ll lose. At £80 this Asos parka is reasonably priced and will serve it’s purpose on the cold days ahead.

parka diran

Knitwear makes for ideal wear all year round. What it lacks in excitement it more than makes up for in versatility and ease of wear; it welcomes a host of outfit combinations making knitwear a must-have in your Uni wardrobe.


As a student, every day’s a lazy day, and a true lazy day is nothing without a slouched sweatshirt. This Dope Chef jumper provides the right level of comfort for those days spent thinking of how much work you should probably be doing (already have done).

dc diran

back dc diran

Not a fan of small talk? Then purchase a pair of oversized headphones; they’ll allow you to listen to all your favourite tracks whilst communicating a strong ‘don’t talk to me, I’m listening to music’ message, as you stroll around campus.


For the more refined student, a pea coat is perfect. It brings a smart element to the table, for the days when you don’t feel it. Constructed in a wool rich fabric you certainly won’t be left wanting for warmth. Throw in a satchel, or briefcase to complete that smart-casual campus look.

wolf smart

Every latecomer needs a backpack. With two straps built for comfort it effortlessly fastens to the back allowing for easy sprinting sessions to lectures and seminars alike.

backpack sid

A holdall is more apt for those who place the academic aspects of University in second place to sport. It’ll comfortably house gym attire, leaving enough space for the odd textbook or two.


These hi-top converses lend themselves to almost every situation–from a casual lecture to a messy session at Ocean. They’re easily worn, and in all black will hide the many Jäger bomb spills.

Wolf black cons

Nobody likes a 9am lecture, and everybody dislikes them a little more when they’re cold on the way to them. So get your woollies at the ready. They’re inexpensive and can make the coldest of morning that much more tolerable. A Barbour’s also a nice addition; although it lacks bulk, it lends itself to layered outfits and as such is suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

wolf hat