The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Tab takes you through the most memorable photos from UoN’s best nights and infamous establishments. Strap in, Fresher, the cameras await.

The Forum, with its disconcertingly high platforms and steep stairs, is both a drunkard’s nightmare and dream. Never a bad night is had in The Forum.556573_469951946371533_654394950_n

Even this bin bag seems to be enjoying itself.


In fact, if you’re really lucky, some members of Made in Chelsea may grace you with their celestial presence; press play on a song or two. 1012751_550970184945611_232773691_n


Some attendees at The Forum are luckier than others, clearly…

Crisis: the midweek tidal wave, set to derail your academic commitments and make lectures something other people talk about.

With a photo booth and willing victims, Crisis ensures your destruction is well-documented.




I don’t think that’s WKD on that gentlemen’s trousers, either.


Always be prepared for a Crisis.

It’s Friday and time to take a dip in the Ocean. Sound clean and refreshing? It’s not. It’s sticky, dirty, shameful and wonderful.



No amount of looking will help this young lady find her dignity. Some things are lost to the Ocean floor.



And when the time comes, you’ll know what to do. And to do it with all your heart.



Never forget the big events; the ball gowns and penguin suits. The glamour and glitz. The high heels and waistcoats.

The beautiful:1017634_549722885070341_1589054397_n

The wasted:



And the inevitably naked (apparently):