TAB TV: Varsity Darts

VIDEO: nudity, flying furniture and aggression as darts varsity gets very rowdy.

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Trent beat UoN 4-3 to claim varsity darts victory in front of a lairy crowd on Tuesday night.

Having gone 3-1 up, Notts needed to win only two frames but failed amid the pressure of an incessantly vocal and uncontrollable Trent following.

In the aftermath of victory, the Trent horde turned on the few downtrodden Notts supporters that were left.

WARNING: this video contains nudity (0:10), flying furniture (0:23) and aggressive behaviour (0:41).

It all started so well for UoN, who took an early lead when Joe ‘The Apex Predator’ Davis beat NTU co-President Jason ‘Brick’ Dalton in the first tie.

The Notts players were undisturbed by the rowdy Trent crowd and their imaginative banners – the best of which said ‘You’re shit!’ and ‘Did you know you’re a cunt?’ – and victories for Lee ‘The Hurricane’ Hoyes and Jack ‘Simmo’ Simpson sent UoN into that 3-1 lead.

Trent fans go mental

‘Simmo’ did particularly well considering the abuse he received. As a UoN fan favourite, the stick he received was relentless and it can’t have been easy to keep his cool whilst hearing ‘Simmo is a paedo’ and ‘You should have been aborted’ chanted in the background.

As the crowd became increasingly aggressive, Trent started their comeback. A big win for NTU’s ‘Hairy Monster’ Jake Asghar meant that there was only one frame in it as the game neared it’s conclusion.

Jason Dalton celebrates

The Trent victory was sealed when Nick ‘Focke Wulf’ Copson and Tim ‘Blondie’ Jones were able to defeat UoN’s ‘Renatron’ (aka Matthew Renwick) and Rob ‘The Cure’ Smith.

The result sparked delirium for the Trent fans, who took great joy in screaming ‘3-1, and you fucked it up…’ in between throwing beer and furniture at the dejected Notts supporters.

Official Order of Play

Joe ‘The Apex Predator’ Davis v Jason ‘Brick’ Dalton

Lee ‘The Hurricane’ Hoyes v Joe ‘Mophead’ Stimson

Conor ‘The Dart Knight’ Jones v Sam ‘Bomber’ Roberts

Jack ‘Simmo’ Simpson + Hem ‘Afrodog’ Gunashekar v  Miles ‘Haystack’ Hay + Matt ‘Shekkers’ O’Rourke

Joe ‘The Sweep’ Broome v Jake ‘Hairy Monster’ Asghar

George ‘Mophead’ Pearce v Curtis ‘Superbad’ Reeves

Matthew ‘RENATRON’ Renwick + Rob ‘The Cure’ Smith v Nick ‘Focke Wulf’ Copson + Tim ‘Blondie’ Jones