Notts Does the Harlem Shake

Video: watch what happened down at the lake today…

After one of the most ridiculous dancing crazes ever, Notts stepped up their game today.

This week has the seen the Harlem shake video craze  taken on by local news channels and even the Norwegian army is getting involved.

Since February, over 40,000 Harlem shake videos have been uploaded totalling a whopping 175m views. Last week saw the craze cross the Atlantic and take over our fair shores. Companies, friends and indeed universities have been quick to catch on and publish their own versions. 

Big names such as UCL, Oxford and Bristol have been quick off the mark but today was the turn of The University of Nottingham, organised by NUTS and sponsored by Crisis, the event rocketed in popularity from a small group planning to shake up Hallward, to a huge gathering assembled in Highfields Park, opposite the Trent building.

The hotly anticipated event had to be moved on three occasions due to it’s popularity and security had even asked for the event to be cancelled.  

As an incentive to show the internet how it’s done, Carpe Noctum offered free entry to the 25 best dressed “shakers” as well as screening it at Rock City tonight.

The video enjoyed significant turnout with big name figures like Ali G and the nightline bear taking starring roles. It was a big success for NUTS who turned to the Harlem shake in an attempt to get someone to actually watch one of their videos.

Props to the Ali G impersonator who walks like an Egyptian but keep an eye out for the S.W.A.T impersonator who hits the ground hard.