UoN Basketball: Trent ‘better be ready’

Varsity continues and it’s the turn of Basketball…

With just four days until the big tip-off at the Capital FM Arena, The Tab Sports Team™ caught up with the men’s and women’s basketball teams to gather their thoughts before round 2 in the Varsity series…

UoN men’s basketball team seem confident that they can triumph over their bitter rivals. Fresher starlet James Boyce stoked the flames of the Varsity fire by predicting a whopping 20-point margin of victory for the team in green and gold.

‘They better be ready…we’ve been training every day these past few weeks and when we’re not on the court, we’re bulking in the gym. I think 20 points is realistic. We thrive under pressure and have nothing to fear from Trent’.

Ibey showing some serious air

After a 74-58 loss to Trent in 2012, UoN will be looking to experienced players like Ugonna Krest A., a veteran of their last victory over Trent in a Varsity series, to provide a calm head. With the match moved to the 7,000-seater Capital FM Arena for the first time in its history, Ugonna shared his views on what the added atmosphere would bring to the game:

‘Obviously there’s going to be more people watching us and that just adds to the pressure. It might not come down to skill; I think whichever team comes out on top is the one who handles the pressure the best. Also, make sure they watch out for number 12!’

Trent will fear no. 12

Captain Jordan Street shed some light on Trent’s tactical plans, claiming ‘we’re expecting good shooters and a fast point-guard’, but still assertively stating that ‘we’re ready for them’. Ibey Agbaye summed up this confident mood: ‘we enjoy the added pressure. It’s what the game is all about’

The women’s team (NUWB) are in a similarly buoyant mood: when Amelia Reynolds tentatively predicted a 10-point victory to UoN, captain Marie Bruser looked surprised.

‘Well, I hope we win by more than that! We’re top of the table and undefeated this whole season. We’ve been training hard the past few weeks with some really intense sessions, so we’re feeling prepared. We’re pumped up and looking forward to playing in front of a big crowd’.

They know where to get the latest Varsity news…

Just like their male counterparts then, NUWB feel like they can handle the pressure. But what do we know about Trent’s team? Although naturally unwilling to share too much, Amelia has been giving the team some valuable insight on Trent, as she has played with ‘two of their best players’.

In a final message to Trent, Marie warned ‘they better bring a crowd, because ours is going to be big!’

So make sure you get down to the Capital FM Arena to support our two teams. Tickets are available at http://www.su.nottingham.ac.uk/ents/event/4522/