7 Girls & 1 Mug: The Puppet

Girls are good organisers. This much we know. They can even organise a mug…

Girls are more organised than boys. We all know this.

They even have an exceptional ability to organise me.

Puppet muggins has yet to take a decision for himself

On Saturday I was building up to a productive day in the library with what I thought was a well planned schedule. I was wrong. I was en route to the door when I got stopped. How quickly my plans changed…

Mia jumped at the opportunity to come to the library with her own dreams of achieving  academic excellence on this sunny weekend.

But she needed a shower first.  And to have lunch. And another two hours of ‘stuff she needed to get done first’.

Bridget concurred with all of the above and agreed that would probably be best for all involved.

Lucy, hearing this, was also keen for a lift at about that time (being 2 hours from when I wanted to set off) and inquired if there was space for skis. Of course there were!

We eventually set out on this mini-road trip with books and skis in tow.

I came away from this feeling that they’d improved my day, bettered it in some way. In fact I was dangling like a limp puppet in the cold January air.

A limp puppet who had got considerably less work done.