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It is no secret to anyone at uni that drug use is rife among students.

Some revel in it, some deny it and some condemn it. But not a single student can say they have been through three years of uni life without at least witnessing the effects of certain drugs.

Many of us have a run in with parents over drugs at some point in our lives. They sit you down and try to tell you of the dangers and consequences they think you do not already know. 

MDMA has swiftly become one of the most popular drugs…

Yet since emerging from their control and arriving at university with a new found freedom, you may find yourself being offered substances that sound like foot cream or a dodgy European cereal.

A number of students, often the festival fanatics or city dwellers, will have had their fill of trippy experiences before uni and they tend to be the ones clued up on the latest legal high. However many students aren’t necessarily as knowledgeable as they claim to be, and university can be an intimidating jump from a sheltered existence to gurning inside a  seedy club.

It may be odd to think that the very person who will walk on stage at the end of three years of study, to be applauded by their parents and hundreds of their peers and shake the hand of the vice-chancellor, might have been your dealer.

It could be anyone…

So The Tab has launched its survey on students’ drug use at different universities around the country. All information provided is completely confidential and anonymous. We ask over ten questions what you’ve taken and when you’ve taken it regardless of your poison, and your views on student drug use.

The results will help us, and yourselves, to establish just how much drug use plays a role in university life.


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