£34mil Chemistry Investment

Christmas Come Early for Chemists Thanks to Witty

chancellor chemistry glaxosmithkline Sir Andrew Witty

UoN’s new chancellor, Sir Andrew Witty, has brought Christmas around early for chemistry enthusiasts.

Last week we reported how Sir Witty, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline and a Notts alumnus, is set to take over as chancellor of our University in January.

£34 million has been pulled out of the pockets of Witty’s company, who have co-invested the charitable cash into chemistry research at UoN. The millions will help ensure sustainability within medical and chemical development and help put UoN at the forefront of scientific research, thought to be based at a centre on Jubilee campus.

This is an important milestone as the Uni has been working hard to promote itself as a ‘green’ university. Impact, The Nottingham Campaign is currently aiming to raise £150 million over the next five years to fund various projects including ‘Sustainable Futures’ which has a focus on “green issues and sustainability”.

Last year UoN was ranked as “the most environmentally friendly campus on the planet” in the Greenmetric League. The UoN website boasts that “the University of Nottingham is increasingly recognised as a leader in environmental sustainability”.