Fresher stars on Take Me Out

Ruby Mulvaney gets the guy on ITV dating show, and cops a little flak from other students

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A Rutland Hall fresher is turning heads on campus and online after appearing on ITV’s Take Me Out.

Ruby Mulvaney, who is studying politics, told The Tab she was coping well with her new found fame, despite some copping flak from other students.

She said: “I told a few close friends from my corridor and we all watched it in the JCR, but not many people knew.

“A lot of people are like ‘oh my god it’s you’ but I don’t get recognized that much, although I’ve had a couple of people shouting ‘Fernandos’ at me. I just roll my eyes and don’t pay attention.”

But 18-year-old Ruby admitted she found some attention tiring: “It was a great experience but it is very wearing – the actual filming and the feedback on the internet.

“I’ve had some feedback from second years at Nottingham, saying ‘I’ve met her, she isn’t nice’. I’ve never even met those people.”

Ruby headed for a date on the show after being chosen by highly rated Jonny Pease.

But she turned down Jonny’s affections, telling presenter Mark Wright: “He’s a decent guy and we’ve had a nice date but I wouldn’t stop any of the other girls if they fancied him.”

Ruby joked: “I’m going to be hated by the nation now because I can’t explain anything that’s wrong with him.”

Just friends…Ruby and Jonny

A disappointed Jonny said: “I gave it my best effort, I really tried but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Ruby and Jonny remain friends, and she isn’t ruling out anything more.

The ravishing red-headed’ s modesty won her admirers on twitter, including Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford.

When Ruby said she was “punching above her weight”, the ginger long jumper tweeted: “Typical ginger talking herself down! You’re pretty don’t worry!”

On the Take Me Out website, Bristol-born Ruby lists her guilty pleasure as Justin Bieber, who she has on her duvet cover.

She suffers from Tokophobia, an irrational fear of childbirth and pregnancy.