18 things at UEA that would send a Victorian child into a coma

A Victorian child wouldn’t even survive one day in Norwich

The new TikTok trend that’s gone viral is the things that would put a Victorian child into a coma which covers a range of generational habits that to us are normalWe’ve put together a list of all the things that they might not survive in a 2022 university experience – specifically if they went to UEA.

From being hit by a flying VK, to going to A-list – here are all the things that could send a Victorian Child into a coma:

1. Pres before A-list

Being incredibly drunk is the proper way to experience the LCR.

2. Getting hit by a flying VK on a night out

Gives you the best hangover.

3. The cleaning rota in a uni house

Does it even really exist by week 11?

4. Hearing ‘hello chap’ or ‘rah’ on campus

Everyone knows that person (or plural).

5. Being exposed on Concrete confessions

All the tea is spilled on this page.

6. The rides at Exit Fest

Pretty sure my life flashed before my eyes on all of these rides.

7. Going to Sundown festival

Can tick off seeing Sean Paul in Norwich surrounded by 15 year olds.

8. Seeing an ex in the SU shop

A very exposing place – especially if you are hungover.

9. Living with a sports guy in halls

Good luck. Try to avoid them having pres.

10. Unio Coffee

Could complete a whole essay in an hour after one of these lattes.

11. The square on sports night

A rowdy group of people to say the least.

12. Elf bars

It does depend which flavour though.

13. The smoking area on a night out

Perfect to see that person you tried to avoid all night.

14. Aldi on a Sunday

High stress levels are activated.


I mean.

16. Walk of shame

Even better if your flatmates are up when you walk in.

17. Waking up and seeing the kebab you ordered at 4am

It never looks the same in the morning.

18. The morning de-brief with your friends

A way to understand how chaotic life can be.

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