Stuck what to ask Father Christmas for? Here are seven must-haves for every UEA girlie

How many of these gifts you can spot on campus?

Every year people remark how “I can’t believe it’s December already!” Well, another year has gone by and presents are always left to the last minute, at least with my lack of organisational skills.

However, we have put together a list of seven ideas – all inspired by UEA Norwich students to bulk out Christmas lists. And if you don’t have or want any of these things – do you even go here?

1. North Face puffer

This is a fashion staple of UEA and can be seen almost on every night-out. Nothing else to add.

2. Tote bag

The perfect essential for cramming two seminars, a library study, a rehearsal and lunch into one bag. Mine hasn’t broken as of yet!

3. Unio Coffee











If you can’t think of what to buy your friend – and they don’t drink alcohol – cheer them up by buying them a hot drink. Plus, UNIO coffee tends to be strong enough to be worth about three coffees.

5. Earmuffs

I love that earmuffs have come back into fashion as they are a great winter accessory. The SU shop has suddenly turned into Accessorize and are selling a few pairs as well.

5. A polaroid from your favourite night out

Yes, sometimes, photos from night outs aren’t always the best; usually, I don’t look very camera ready. Which is why when a good photo is taken it is important to cherish and re-post as many times as possible.

6. Chilly’s  water bottle

You aren’t a student if you haven’t invested £20 into a water bottle that causes an earthquake if you drop it. On a serious note, these bottles are super handy for saving money and in the cost-of-living crisis, everything adds up.

7. Ice Skates

A bit of a rogue present but honestly – walking across the campus you might as well hone your ice-skating skills. On the way to the library is the perfect rink to practise.

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