This is what British band you belong in based on your Norwich degree

Please don’t change your degree because of this, you can’t all be as cool as Alex Turner

I don’t know about you but I always wanted to be a pop star when I was younger, and it’s still my secret dream. Whether you want to Live while we’re young, Live Forever, or live on the Edge of heaven there’s a band here for you. University is expensive and it’s stressful. So why not take some time out?

Stick the kettle on or gather for a SnakeyB, whatever floats your boat. It’s time to find out whether you’re in a boy band, girl band or you’re an indie icon. This is what British band you’d be in based on your Norwich degree:

Business Management – Spice Girls

Girl boss? I have nothing more to say on the matter.

Creative Writing- Arctic Monkeys

You’re not like the other students. You’re quirky, off the wall and definitely know where to get the best coffee on campus. I mean who else can make an album cover sound mundane and superficial at the same time. You’re definitely wearing a Trench coat while reading this.

Drama – Wham!

You are dramatic, but also an icon. You have about 10 breakdowns a day and are the first person on the dance floor in the LCR. Who also is going to perform a perfect dance routine with a tap sequence?! Young Guns are always having fun.

No one can write the most dramatic and emotional Christmas song and not have been one of the theatre kids in school. I would have definitely wanted to be in on a night out with Andrew and George. After all in Club Tropicana drinks are free.

Education – Busted/Mcfly 

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be in either band? Charlie Simpson would definitely be what I go to school for.

You are the parent of your friend group, always ready with a cup of tea and a hug. However, everyone needs to let loose after a long week of teaching and become a Party Girl.

Highlighters are your best friend and if it wasn’t against the dress code you’d totally have five colours in your hair.

Environmental Studies – Coldplay

Grab that tote bag and your reusable coffee cup. You are calm, collected, and always keeping it stylish.

A day in the charity shops sounds like Paradise and you’ve already finished your 500 summatives, so you’ve got loads of time to spare. The vibes are always immaculate with you and you are well on your way to being The Scientist.

Film Studies- Oasis

Deadlines? Who’s She? You’re laidback. Definitely, Maybe a bit too laidback, you just wait until the end of the year to get your summatives done. It’ll happen eventually.

You stand against the Wonderwall in LCR with your hands behind your back, you’re just too indie to follow the crowd. However, you do get on with your siblings, most of the time.

Liberal Arts – The 1975

The main character, the BNOC, it’s all About You.You are your own aesthetic and your outfits are always complete with your newest vintage find. Being a plant parent is your true Happiness, and you’ve named each one of your potted babies.

Your room is so artsy. There’s no wall space left: it’s full of records, tapestries, Polaroids, and twinkly lights. You definitely shop at Elm. This is your world sweetie, we’re just living in it.

Maths – Ed Sheeran

So bear with me here. I know he’s not a band, but if you take Maths, a night in the pub with Ed sounds Perfect.

There is no other artist that is so good at maths, Ed is a pure mathematician; he even named his albums after his favourite subject. This City never sleeps, just like your brain. You are always working at 10000 miles per hour.

Late nights in the library make you Happier than ever, you are incredibly hardworking and an independent king, just like our Ed.

Medicine – The Beatles

Shakespeare said Music is the food of love, but here we believe that music is medicine, and so do you. And what better band to cure you than The Beatles.

You are always on hand to Help! anyone who needs it, and are a frequent Day Tripper to Library. You’re a machine. Night shifts after a day of lectures? Easy. You’d work Eight days a week if it was possible.

But don’t forget to take some time out, self care is your friend. But remember, All you need is love.

Society, Culture and Media – One Direction

A real life influencer who only goes to the library for the ‘gram. Right Now, you’re thriving and surviving all at the same time, nothing can drag you down.

All of your summatives are Made in the AM but One Way or Another you’ll get them done. Like One Direction your chaotic energy makes you stand out from the rest and we would never want you to change for anyone. You’re Perfect just the way you are.

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