East Anglia Uni is offering counselling to students for their ‘grief’ over climate change

Students will be offered six two-hour sessions a week

University of East Anglia is offering its students counselling for their “grief” over climate change.

The university believes its close proximity to the Norwich coast, which is susceptible to corrosion, is contributing to students’ high levels of eco-anxiety.

Students will be offered as many as six two-hour counselling sessions per week which will focus on mindfulness techniques and group workshops to “boost resilience”.

Cromer Beach

The university said eco-anxiety was a “direct result of the feelings of grief and distress stemming from the knowledge of climate concerns and its psychological impact”.

A UEA spokesman said that “more widespread support for eco-anxiety has been developed in response to local needs in Norfolk, where people are becoming acutely conscious of rising sea levels as local coastal communities experience dramatic coastal erosion”.

All images via Olivia Elsey

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