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UEA’s own milkshake and smoothie delivery service is BACK

Here to bless you all in exam season

Cast your minds back to two years ago: UEA was blessed with some fresh faced first years who decided to create an on campus milkshake and smoothie delivery service.

Now in his final year, Frank has returned, this time with Dom, to bless this exam season with freshly prepared shakes and smoothies delivered to the square twice a day.

Currently the milkshakes and smoothies are £3 each (including delivery from their off-campus student house). Keep an eye on their Facebook for regular deals like 2 for £5.

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The Tab Norwich spoke to Frank and Dom, the masterminds behind the service:

Why did you decide to return?

F: "I decided to return because Dom offered to help so the task wasn't as daunting, and also it's the last month of uni for us so it's either now or never!"

How do you find the time to deliver alongside your final year studies?

F: "We deliver at specific times each day and it actually provides a nice break from work, and you can plan for it.

"Plus, the bonus of running a small business is if work really is piling up then we could just take a day off."

"It helps that I only have one exam left.

D: “For me I’m finished with uni so I have so much free time!”

How have you managed to cope with living off campus / the recent weather?

D: “It’s not that and living off campus because our house is still relatively close. If our house was any further away I think it would be too hard to do.

“With the recent weather conditions Frank and I brainstormed for days thinking about how to get around the rain and we feel we came up with a good solution.”

F: “The milkshake sun/rain protector 2000!”

D: “There is a new model in the words though – the 2020.”

What has the general response been to your return? Have you seen a growth in business since you started two years ago?

D: “General responses have been pretty amazing! Loads of people are talking and recommending them. There were a few confessions sent in and we were being recognised by various people in the LCR on Tuesday.”

F: “It’s great! We’ve had a mix of old and new customers who used to regularly order two years ago and still remember UEA Milkshake and Smoothie Delivery in it’s glory days, and new customers who are willing to try something new and support a student business!

“The Facebook page is nearly at 900 likes, and when we restarted it was on 700 so there’s some indication of the response in the past four days since we opened again.”

Have you added anything new to the menu? What do you recommend?

F: “As always my favourite is our speciality, the thick Oreo shake, and I can’t turn down a tropical smoothie on a warm summers day.

“In terms of anything added, the menu is ever changing. New things all the time and be quick if you something you like, it might not be there tomorrow!”

Do you have any plans to keep the business running after graduation? Would you be open to someone else taking it on?

F: “It would depend on what offers we have. I came close to organising a takeaway a few years ago but it fell through. I’m not sure quite how it would work but anything is possible!”

How many people ask you for discounts?

F: “Dom has a bad tendency of handing out discounts when he’s hammered.”

D: “Hahaha that’s true, and Frank has a tendency to get annoyed at Dom when he does.”

F: “People often flirt with us over the page messenger service to get discounts but as of yet we’ve stayed true to our business morals.”

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Incredible customer service

Check out UEA Milkshake and Smoothie Co. before the end of the semester! They're here for a limited time only. Follow their Instagram for updates.