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WATCH: Pints fly as mass brawl breaks out at LCR

Gig-goers grappled with security as the carnage spilled outside the venue


A mass brawl broke out on Friday night at the LCR after a gig by rapper Fredo.

Scenes after the 14+ gig showed at least 20 punters scrapping and pints being flung across the room.

Six police cars and two vans rushed to the LCR to help security disperse the troublemakers, but no arrests were made.

To watch the video of the brawl, head over to The Norwich Tab's Instagram story.

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A student who was nearby at the time claimed that the crowds, "seemed much rowdier than usual". With another telling us that they saw "six police cars and two police vans on campus".

After the chaos in the main room, the crowd spilled outside, where security grappled with the rowdy gig-goers.

A spokesperson from UEA gave The Tab Norwich a joint statement from the university and SU, which read: "The university is aware of public disorder which took place last night after the end of the Fredo gig at the LCR. Norfolk Police were called by UEA's security team to help disperse the troublemakers.

"Both the University and the UEA Students' Union, which manages the LCR, will meet to review what happened and take steps to prevent his type of disorder happening again."

Norfolk Police told The Norwich Tab: "'Police were called shortly after 10pm on Friday 1 March to reports of public order involving a large group of people at the University of East Anglia.

"Officers attended and dispersed the group; however no arrests were made."

Credits: Sally Borotau Fons and Zhyar Said