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Here’s how you can get involved with UEA student recycling scheme: ‘Don’t Be A Wasteman’

“Help other people and help save the planet”

What is the Vice-Chancellor doing about mental health?

Is this good enough?

BREAKING: Pimp My Barrow has been CANCELLED

But only for this year

WTF is happening with Pimp My Barrow?!

We’re all getting a little confused

We spoke to those behind the protest outside the VC’s office

A group of students protested outside the Vice Chancellors in the wake of the fourth death at UEA this year

Everything you need to know about Norwich Nightline

We spoke to the surprisingly articulate Nightline Bear

Police called to suspicious package at UEA, turns out to be a deep fat fryer left on 25 bus

At least two police cars were present as well as several members of UEA security

A memorial for Theo Brennan Hulme is taking place at the oak tree in Earlham Park today

LDC have organised a gathering at the oak tree in Theo’s memory

Students gather for ‘We Will Be Heard’ event on UEA campus

The SU organised “quiet, respectful action” which was attended by hundreds of students

“When you’re feeling vulnerable, you want support quickly”: The petition for better mental health facilities on campus

The Tab speaks with the student who organised the petition

Nick Sadler Memorial takes place

A celebration of Nick’s life was held at the UEA lake yesterday early evening

Celebrating all that ‘Nick Did Good’: Nick Sadler’s Memorial

Friends have arranged a celebration of his life at the UEA lake on Thursday evening

WATCH: Pints fly as mass brawl breaks out at LCR

Gig-goers grappled with security as the carnage spilled outside the venue

‘Nick did good’: Tributes paid to UEA student Nick Sadler

‘If you got to know him, you were the luckiest person in the world’

A UEA third year, Nick Sadler, has been missing since 2am on Friday

Please contact the police if you have any information

Only three unis in the whole country give out more firsts than UEA

Oh UEA is wonderful