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UEA students are hosting a charity Sleep out in the Square

The money raised will be going towards charity

On Monday 23rd, students from UEA's Don't Be a Wasteman group will be hosting a Sleep out in the Square. The purpose is to raise money for the Norfolk and Suffolk based homelessness charity, the Benjamin Foundation.

Rob Klim, from Don't Be a Wasteman, spoke to us about the event. He said: "We are doing this event to help raise money for The Benjamin Foundation, a charity which provides a home and support to over 100 young adults across Norfolk and Suffolk."

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The organisers will be providing free teas, coffees, soups, sandwiches all night to those who participate in this Sleep out in the Square.

Chris Elliott, the Marketing and Fundraising Manager for the Benjamin Foundation, said: "Homelessness is a growing people in Norwich and funding from some sources is being cut.

"At The Benjamin Foundation we work with vulnerable 16-25 year olds by providing them with a home and supporting them with their education and into employment.

"By doing this we are helping to prevent more people ending up on the streets.

"Thank you for signing up for the UEA Sleep Out In The Square. Your support will help us continue our work to end youth homelessness."

If you're interested in participating in the sleep out you can find tickets by clicking here, all proceeds will go to the Benjamin Foundation.