Exclusive: Unless you’re in a first sports team, you probably won’t be going to Derby Day 2018

There will be limited spectator travel organised

Derby Day is the biggest sports and social event of the year, where sports lovers and haters alike come together to celebrate UEA smashing Essex at almost every sport, all with a bev in hand.

However, in a WhatsApp message shown to The Tab Norwich, a meeting was held this week between representatives from both UEA and Essex to discuss changes to Derby Day. Changes include reducing the events to half a day, providing limited spectator transport to Essex and some sports are reportedly being cut from the schedule.

The reasons given for these major changes are because Essex don't have enough facilities for all teams to compete. It is also due to the trouble that occurred at last year's football game.

Luckily, these changes are only being made for Derby Day 2018, however this will still come as a disappointment for any third year students.

A spokesperson for UEA Sport and the SU said: "A joint operational management group consisting of students and staff from both institutions have been working on some changes to ‘Derby Day’ in order to make the event more closely matched from a sporting perspective, ensure the safety of students and safeguard the future of the event.

"In order for us to achieve these goals, the decision has been made to consolidate the playing schedule and control numbers of spectators to enable us to keep the event safe.

"As a result when Derby Day goes to Essex in 2018, clubs will be permitted to compete with their first teams only and organised transport subsidised by the institution will be provided predominantly for competitors only.”

This means any teams that compete with more than one team will have their second team cut from the schedule, which will affect teams such as Tennis, Football, Rugby, Pool and more.

Always on the winning side.

However when speaking to the Tab Norwich, a SU representative stated: "These are decisions relating only to Essex 2018. For 2019 when DD returns to UEA we are considering multiple options for a big day long festival of sport and will be inviting students to get involved in planning it in the Spring."

Despite this, the limited spectator transport will affect everyone. Those who would otherwise go to support their teams will now either have to fork out a load of money to travel to Essex, or sadly won't go.