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UEA Men’s Rugby team banned from socials unless ‘supervised’

They’re being investigated for a ‘series of incidents’

Following a series of incidents, UEA's Men's Rugby Club have ceased all social activity due to an investigation into their behaviour.

The UEA Department of Sport and Students' Union have told The Tab Norwich that until the further notice, the club is no longer permitted to hold social or sporting activities unless supervised by University staff.

According to the Department of Sport and SU, the team are currently failing to comply with the "Risk and Health and Safety Policies" during sporting and social activities.

UEA Men's Rugby playing in 2012

A spokesperson for the UEA Department of Sport and Students' Union said: "Following a series of incidents, reports from Rugby Club members and subsequent internal meetings the UEA Department of Sport and SU and have met to discuss the activity of the Rugby Club.

"It has been suggested that the club committee is not currently able to ensure compliance with agreed Risk and Health and Safety Policies during its activities (both sporting and social) and so until the situation is resolved the club is no longer permitted to engage in any activity (sporting and social) unless directly supervised. To this end meetings will be taking place later this week."

Speaking to The Tab Norwich on behalf of the club, Captain Tom Follows said the team had not been banned from playing, but had "ceased social activity".

A few years ago the team had also been banned, although no current players were members.

He said: "The Men's Rugby Club has not been banned and will continue to carry on training and playing as we look to continue a very strong start to the season.

"However, we have ceased social activity for the time being as we work with the Students' Union and UEA Sport to solve some off-the-field issues and improve the social side of the club. The club will issue a full statement in due course."

It still remains unclear the cause of these disciplinary hearings, but it looks like you won't be seeing the team at Sports Night any time soon.