BNOC of the Year 2017: Round one

You’ve nominated people in your hundreds.

Its time for the first round to decide who should be UEA BNOC of the year for 2017. You nominated people in your hundreds and now we’ve narrowed it down to the top twenty. We’ll be doing separate rounds, who ever wins their respective round will go through to the final to decide who is UEAs BNOC of the year 2017.

Jamie Parsons, Fourth Year Film Studies

What makes them a BNOC?

“He’s been here for ages. He likes the LCR so much he is doing his masters here. You will find him wearing smart casual (smart trousers and shoes coupled with a dirty sports jumper), usually prowling the prospective talent whilst smoking a rollie under the multifaith centre. Jamie once lost a tooth in the LCR, showing it off is his most profitable party trick”

Caitlin Maddox, Second Year Psychology 

What makes them a BNOC?

“On tour this year, she tried to pee in a sink in a club which resulted in pulling the sink off the wall and 32 stitches and 8 holes in one of her arse cheeks, resulting in the nickname: Caitlin Buttocks”

Charlie Albuery, Second Year Law

What makes them a BNOC?

“You can’t walk around campus without someone knowing his name. He’s a hard guy to miss being 6ft5 and ginger as fuck. He came to my house and showerd fully clothed at 4am for no reason. His GF was just pleased he hasn’t wet the bed”

Joe Bibby, Second Year Philosophy

What makes them a BNOC?

“Joe Bibby has ascended from a mere boy to beyond that, he’s become a living meme as anyone who knows this chain smoking, alcoholic mentalist will be able to attest too. Joe has his own cult like following and a dedicated shitposting group for posting only the finest pictures of him. With an infectious smile and a predisposition for pint cans of Stella Artois and Amber Leaf, you can often find Joe in the LCR smoking area probably starting on his friends”