Clubbers of the Week

Another one…

Pose of the Week

Can we also just appreciate the head on that blue VK too

Couple of the Week

It looks as if she’d bend over backwards for him

Serious DJ of the Week

Don’t be fooled by the t-shirt, this guy means business

Shirts of the Week

I donut know how he pulled that off… also, blast from the past for anyone who used to collect Match Attax there

Outfit Co-Ordination of the Week

Well done guys

Tees of the Week

Shake it like a… er… never mind

Band T-Shirt of the Week

Down in the LCR at Midnight

Photoshopping of the Week

It’s just getting ridiculous now

Garms of the Week

He knows it

Hottest Clubber of the Week

Second week in a row… Couldn’t resist

Unbridled Joy of the Week

Celebrating another Clubbers of the Week I’m sure

They’re loving it

Photobomb of the Week

A well deserved thumbs up, wouldn’t you say?

Spat of the Week

‘MANTRA! MAKE SOME…’ ‘give it a rest’

Princesses of the Week

They’ve even got the crowns to prove it

Flexibility of the Week

They don’t know whether to laugh or cry

Prisoner of the Week

‘You will have your photo taken with us!’

Smiles of the Week

They’re all so cute!

So are they!

Group Photo of the Week

One can only marvel at the amount of planning which must have gone into this

Passionate Embrace of the Week

I wish there was someone who’d look at me like that

Disgusting Behaviour of the Week

Fair play for being able to pull off grey in a club, but come on…

VK Rainbow of the Week

Good job girls. Just like with fruit, you should aim to drink a rainbow of VK colours a day for health

Lost Property of the Week

Is Hannah here?

Stylish Clubbers of the Week

Good selection of patterns and statement black

Clubbers of the Week

Good style, both looking at the camera, nice pose, close-but-not-too-close. This is how to take a club pic.

Photo credits: Damn Good, Mercy, Flaunt, Mantra, Mojo’s

University of East Anglia