Caspian is the best kebab shop in Norwich

Forget Olive Tree, Caspian is where its at.

We’ve had people calling drunk food the worst thing about a night out and hailing Olive Tree as the gospel of kebab. But they’re both wrong, hidden at the top of Prince of Wales Road is the true king – Caspian, is the holy grail of Norwich kebabs and severely underrated. Now it is its time to shine and once you’ve bathed in its sweet greasy kebabness you’ll never what to go back.


Its beautiful.

Now onto the important stuff.

The Location

Coming out of Propaganda and heading right, Caspian is the first takeaway you will find. This makes it the prime location to grab food and a cab after a filthy session at Props on a Friday or Saturday night. It may be a little out the way for people visiting Prince of Wales Road, which is perhaps the only downside to such a great establishment. However, Caspian is on both Hungry House and Just Eat for all your takeaway needs when you can’t be bothered to cook.

The Menu

Caspians menu gives you a huge array of food to pick from; 18 different Pizzas ranging from 09″ to 14″ in both Deep pan and Italian, 13 different Kebabs and 10 different Burgers plus all the standard sides. Caspian’s menu also offers great food for friends of the vegetarian persuasion. All together thats a lot of food.

Not only do you get all that choice but the prices are pretty darn good – the cheapest Burger being £2.50.

The Staff

Finally the staff are top notch, always friendly and talkative no matter how much sense you don’t make in your drunken state. But then they are paid to do so, but who cares.

With great reviews on Just Eat, Hungry House and Facebook its hard to dispute Caspian’s greatness. Especially when its described as the; “best Kebab in Norwich! Chicken is juicy and beautifully cooked, great range of sauces and they add cheese if they ask! Pizza’s are really tasty and they’re generous with toppings. Always really prompt delivery time. Best takeaway in Norwich!”.

Can’t argue with that.