Olive Tree is the best kebab shop in Norwich

Please don’t call anybody boss

Prince of Wales is inundated with takeaways, with Google claiming that there are no fewer than eight kebab shops down our infamous street. We’ve all made the mistake of stumbling out of the club and immediately heading towards the first vendor of unhealthiness (usually Ossi’s), but hidden just off the main street is the best takeaway in Norwich. Once you taste the beauty of drunk food purchased from Olive Tree, there is no way you can ever go anywhere else.


The location

It is the first takeaway you’ll chance upon walking back to Prince of Wales after going to Loft, making it the perfect place to soak up your disgustingly cheap Thursday night. It is also literally a minute away from Mantra and is right opposite Beeline, who usually don’t mind having food in the cab if you’re not a dick about it. In addition to Norwich, Olive Tree have franchises elsewhere in Norfolk, Ipswich and my beautiful hometown of Chelmsford, assuring consistent quality.

The menu

Oh, the menu, the beautiful menu. It genuinely beats most actual restaurants in terms of choice, offering 21 varieties of pizza, along with eight burgers and kebabs, and your takeaway classics (garlic bread and chicken nugs ftw). Most other places would charge far more than a fiver for a late night dirty doner, but not the Olive Tree; the pricing is incredibly reasonable for the level of food and satisfaction.

Nugs for £3.50? Yes please

Nugs for £3.50? Yes please

The staff

They are genuinely the happiest takeaway staff in Norwich, and they never skimp on the garlic mayo. It’s unclear whether they have grown accustomed to our drunken student bullshit or are paid enough for it to not be an issue, but it’s genuinely refreshing to be served somewhere in town where the staff don’t genuinely hate you.

With TripAdvisor reviews describing it as “the best place to eat after a long night” and “great food at great prices”, it is beyond doubt that the Olive Tree is where every Prince of Wales night out should end.