Vote for UEA’s BNOC of the Year: Group four

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like them?

You’ve voted in your hundreds. Now it’s time for the penultimate round of this year’s BNOC of the year.

Freddie Carty, first year History

This fresher has made such a name for himself that he’s got his own catchphrase. If you don’t ‘Party with Carty’ are you even a UEA student? After failing to win the History society social sec election, Freddie can usually be found in the LCR, downing J20s and dancing with everyone.

Beth Watts, postgraduate diploma in Law

Known campus-wide by her alias Big Bush Beth, Beth is a regular at women’s hockey. She’s so proud of her nickname that she even made herself a medal for having ‘The best bush UEA has ever seen’.

Beth cemented her place as a campus legend at Derby Day 2013. She was kicked out of SubZero, flashed her bum to the entire team whilst trying to wee behind a coach and had a quick roll around in some stinging nettles. She’s now used a cautionary tale for all the hockey freshers.

Matt Steele, first year International Development

“Steele seems to know every single male, woman and man-child that attends UEA by sheer fluke

“We have a theory that there are 2 Matt Steeles as he is friends with another on Facebook, but he is the only friend of the other Matt Steele. This would explain how he seems to know everyone.

Also renowned booze hound for UEARFC.”

Beth Davies, first year Politics

Beth’s a BNOC in the best sense; she just knows everyone on campus. According to her nomination; “Every time we go to the LCR she has to stop about twenty times just from the entrance to the bar, because she keeps bumping into people she knows”.

This year Beth has got stuck into her societies. She’s involved in Debate Soc. You can also hear her on Livewire every wednesday playing banging ’90s tunes on ‘Champagne Supernineties”

Joe Zilch, second year Biology

The only full time officer to be nominated for this year’s BNOC of the year. This year Joe will be working in Union House as Activities and Opportunities Officer. He made a name for himself this year by running Norwich’s stickiest night out – A List at the LCR. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also President of the swimming team and has helped UEA lift the Derby Day trophy four years in a row.