Vote now for UEA’s BNOC of the Year: Group one

They were born to be stars


BNOC of the Year is back.

You’ve been busy nominating your favourite campus stars. This year, five groups will battle to be named the best BNOC around.

Over 130 nominations were sent in but only the biggest BNOCs could make it through to the group stage. Here’s the first lot fighting for your votes

Ollie, First year Business Management 

Ollie might be a fresher, but that didn’t stop him getting the most nominations in this year’s BNOC contest.

This “VK weapon” has been making a name for himself all over campus with his antics like taking selfies with dead rabbits, getting kicked out of Victory House and avoiding every lecture and seminar since November. Ollie’s dedicated to his LCR lifestyle, he didn’t even let accidentally taking Viagra stop him from a night out.

Elsa Lebedeva, First year Japanese

Elsa made a name for herself after her oscar-worthy performance on UEA TV’s “Flat Dates” in which she tried to win her date over by cooking him a cabbage. Not content with being President of the Cocktail Society, Elsa can usually be found on every other societies socials or “dad dancing” in the LCR.

Elsa’s going for the win this year, she sent us two photos of herself to show how “versatile” she is.

Zhyar Said, Second year Pharmacy

“What doesn’t make him a BNOC? He’s a big man, with a bigger personality! Club promoter, event organiser, close personal friend of ‘the’ Adam Barry, and all round nice guy.

“He can often be found in the gym, yet he never lifts, I hear he just goes to motivate other people. He organised and co-ran ‘ UEA Take Me Out’ and ‘UEAs got talent.”

Louisa Baldwin, Third year Law 

After throwing the biggest and best socials the law society had ever seen last year as Social Sec, Louisa took the reigns as President of the Law Soc. She’s also found her claim to fame as UEA’s worst driver and UEA’s stingiest student.

“On the Law Soc trip to Dublin she stole a buskers Microphone and treated the whole street to a rendition of ‘Proud Mary’ before being demanding that the security in McDonalds throw everyone out so she can ‘gobble gobble in peace’.”

Johnnie Walker, First year psychology

Johnnie’s been described at UEA’s best wingman. This “legendary” Fresher oozes so much confidence that he managed to blag his way behind the LCR bar and to start serving drinks.

Michael Femi-Ola, Third year Business Management

According to his nomination entry, “If you have to ask why Michael is a BNOC then you don’t go to UEA”