Election candidate releases parody video and it’s hilarious

Could Eddi be the new Thomas Rees?

In a very dull election campaign period, Eddi Kernoghan’s video proves they’re the hero we’ve been waiting for. 

There are posters everywhere you look and people wearing tees that literally scream “Vote for me!” – the same as it is every year. The candidates handing out their leaflets are starting to look more bored than we do receiving them.

So thank God for Eddi Kernoghan, who’s come along and livened the campaign up with a brilliant video. The Film and American Studies student is running for Non- Portfolio Officer and has thrown caution to the wind with some classic dance moves..

The video has had over 160 views on YouTube and nine likes. We think, though, it should be viewed by the masses.

Those moves

The video is a parody of Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” with Eddi heroically standing in a corner, busting out some classic dance moves and singing about the things they love.

These include comicon, anime, pizza, Disneyland and travelling the world. Eddie also tells us some useful information. From the song, we know Eddi has long pink hair, is slightly gay, does ‘yankee’ studies and Film studies and her Nanna lives in Spain. Oh, and Jedward is Eddi’s way of life.

Now we do

It’s not all about Eddi though as the song also tells us what will be done for us as students.  Eddi promises  us vending machines and rape alarms, as well as water fountain and also want us to do gardening together.

At one point during the video Eddi can be heard saying: “Oh. I was supposed to sing that bit. Oh don’t worry we will cut it out.”

This is followed by: “I’m pissed.”

And the best thing is that our new fave hero didn’t even bother to cut the mistake out. The music stops, Eddi’sa dancing continues and it’s what makes the video even funnier.

Eddi ends with the line: ‘Stress levels on the rise, British politician lies, please say there’s a cure, because I can’t take this anymore.”

Ours too

Yes, the video is random, yes it’s slightly strange and yes it’s extremely funny. We watched it back to back five times and were still laughing just as hard as  on the first run. But this is exactly why we should all be voting for Eddi. The video shows a candidate who isn’t afraid to be themselves and do something different from everybody else.

Like UEA, the video is cheesy, quirky and slightly different, but it’s also wonderful. Eddi is the hero of the hour, and it’s time UEA realised it.