Greg James graduated from UEA yesterday

He finished his degree eight years ago

Radio 1 heart-throb and UEA dramatist Greg James returned to UEA yesterday to finally attend graduation eight years after he finished.

He missed the presentation the first time round due to Radio 1 commitments, but managed to make the occasion this year.

The DJ and radio personality delivered a speech to the class of students graduating as his parents watched proudly from the front row.

He told the graduates of his connection to the uni, saying: “I felt very at home here and always did.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been asked back here today and I feel very strongly about UEA because one of its great assets is that it feels very strongly about its students.

“They see each person as an individual that needs help in achieving their full potential and that’s what they did for me and I’m sure they did that for you too.”

As he told his favourite stories of his time at UEA, he said: “Even if no-one else cares, I hope you have very special stories of this place like I do and I hope you feel a connection to it as well.

“I think the most important thing that I learnt here was that if you have a passion, you should follow it.

“If it’s to do with your degree or your qualification then that’s perfect, and if it’s not, do you know what? It doesn’t even matter. Nothing is a waste of time if you learn from it.

“This is the place where I worked out what I was good at and I hope you’ve done the same too and I hope you’re on the path to discovering that as well.”

He brought his parents along and gave them a tour around the lake

Before finishing his speech to his fellow graduates, he reminded them to celebrate their time at UEA and regard it as a “special place.”

“Always be proud like I am that you went to UEA. Because, as well all know only too well, oh UEA is wonderful.”

And you’re wonderful too, Greg.